Frequently asked questions

Do you have a minimum order amount?


Do you Offer Shipping?

Yes. The minimum is one (1) dozen per dessert type.
Ex: "I would like to order one dozen French macarons and one dozen cupcakes."
We do not offer half dozens as an order because the recipes that we have created yields at least 1 dozen at the smallest ratios.

Unfortunately not, under our license, we are only allowed to operate in our county.

Are your products gluten free? Vegan?

Our French macarons are naturally gluten free. Some macarons may not be gluten free depending on the mix-ins. You can always opt to change them to gluten free, just note that in your order form!

Unfortunately we are not Vegan friendly YET. We are definitely changing things up and experimenting in the lab so we can offer something that's applicable to everyone! Whether it be based on your diet, allergies, or preferences, we are constantly trying to invent to accommodate for our favorite people, YOU GUYS! 

Do you set up at any Farmer's Markets?





Was the company name inspired by the anime, "Samurai Champloo"?


Unfortunately, we've had to stray away from farmer's markets and really focus more on our private orders, weekly boxes, and big events. We deliver every Saturday and we are more than happy to accommodate for your schedule if Friday does not work. 

As of right now, we just need to take a step back from markets and find a better way that works for us, to connect with people in the community.



Oh hail yes. We freaking love that anime.


  • Must place order TWO (2) weeks before event. Turnaround time varies based on custom order.

  • If order is placed sooner than two weeks, it will be considered a rush order, and a $5 fee will be added to each dozen of sweet treat you require.

  • 1 dozen minimum, 1 flavor per dozen.


  • Payment is due upfront. Debit or credit card payments will be processed shortly after order has been placed. Down payments can be discussed based on order size.

  • Delivery is $5 if you’re within 10 miles of our home. (Will reveal and calculate when order is final.) Charge will increase by $5 every 10 miles, and delivery will be half price if you can meet us in the middle.