Who is Champloo Sweets?

Champloo Sweets is a husband and wife ran business, established in 2014 by Asia and Fred Lalas.

Asia started baking French macarons in 2014 under a different company name. As time progressed she finally decided to begin selling publicly in 2017. Though she's been baking for years before 2014, that was the year she thought of a different career path for herself. Before starting Champloo, she was in the realm of artisan coffee as a barista. Though she is running Champloo now, her love for coffee still stands strong.

Fred is a retired LVN and made a switch into graphic design while running Champloo. He blows off steam by break dancing and strength training workouts. He is also baking assistant and helps out some of CS's partners with design work. Fred believes that the best part about Champloo's desserts is that "they set the bar and follow tradition of the types of dessert."


What does CHAMPLOO mean?

The name “Champloo”, also spelled Champuru, is an Okinawan word that means “mixed up” or “stirred together.” Originally, the name was used for a mix of different projects, but was finalized as a baking business.

Based out of sunny San Diego, Champloo Sweets specializes in bite sized desserts that everyone can enjoy. Though Champloo has a nice repertoire, French macarons are the crown jewel.

What We Stand For

We firmly believe in sticking to tradition, but also putting an innovative and cultural twist on the desserts that you know and love. You will never see our sweets compromised with lack of flavor or excessive toppings.

Why we prefer 'bite-sized'

Champloo goodies are perfect for party favors, dessert tables, or even just a treat for yourself! We strive for excellence in baked goods, but also in customer service. We would love to make your vision come true whether it be a big or small event. Planning is best done over a good cup of Joe (or tea!); we can’t wait to hear from you.